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how to tell if kitten is hurt

stepped on kitten

how easy is it to accidentally kill a kitten


I mean I’m sure she hurts at least a little cuz her giant oaf of a new owner just stepped on her but what do you think the odds are that she might die Q___________Q


Some lesbians on here may have intense disdain for het/bi women and call us nasty names but they’re not RAPING THE HETERO OUT OF US

Shit shit shit I just stepped on April. I was walking over to pick up her food dish and she ran right in front of my foot and I tripped and my other foot came down on her. Not my whole weight and I don’t know which part of her I stepped on. She hissed and bolted away and her left eye didn’t want to open the whole way for a bit.

It looks better now and she can still walk around and jump up on things and she are most of her food but I know cats are really good at pretending they’re not hurt so what do I do????

Tomorrow is Easter I don’t think I can get her to a vet until Monday or do I even need to take her at all yet?

I touched her all over to see if she would flinch and she didn’t but oh my god what if I stepped on her head or her chest???

I have no idea what to do


fyi to people who don’t want shit showing up in the tumblr search, as far as I can tell if you have “allow search engines to index my blog” turned off on your settings page, the tumblr search doesn’t see you either. posts you tag still turn up on ye olde tag page, but not in the new search page





I’m attracted to men idk what y’all want me to do about it. that doesn’t make me any less of a radical feminist. I refuse to buy into that “all piv is rape” bs. this whole issue feels like the homosexual version of corrective rape tbh.

also stop lowkey shitting on bi women.


holy fucking shit

het feminists are fucking vile


my god


signs that your heterosexuality / having a boyfriend affects your feminism: claiming that it doesn’t



so I’m bowling for abortion access and  my personal fundraising goal is $200, if you want to donate my page is here!

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I give you Glaucus Atlanticus

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand. The caves are inhabited by Arachnocampa luminosa, a glow worm species unique to New Zealand, which produces luminescence during its larval stage.



meet Sosa. he is an adorable, caring, sweet, playful kitty, and coming from a self-proclaimed dog lover, this is saying a lot! i’ve never wanted a cat before, but needless to say i fell in love with this baby.

my boyfriend’s cat had him and four other kittens, and now the only problem is that him and his sister, Sansa, need a home! i’ve decided to take Sosa in permanently and keep Sansa while I try to find her a home, (even though i’m dreadfully allergic) but unless I get all of the cat supplies myself, my mom won’t let me keep them. that’s where you ~generous~ cat lovers come in.

I put together an Amazon wishlist with basic cat supplies on it to get all the help I can get. if I don’t take them in soon, they will most likely be put down and I can’t stand to see that happen. one of their siblings were already put down and i feel sick thinking that will be their fate as well.

if you would like to donate any amount, perhaps smaller than the cost of the wishlist items, you can donate to my paypal at mia.pulgar@gmail.com. Every cent helps!

also, if you’re in the south florida broward/miami-dade area and would like to give a loving home for shy Sansa, please message me!

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Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Wow that is depressing. 

#about Parkview 

sorry, but i call bullshit (at least to the notion that michelle obama is the single source of this culinary hellscape). that crusty fried chicken sandwich in the top picture? i got served that shit in high school fifteen years ago, when michelle obama was an illinois senator’s wife. that ugly mess of ground “beef” and corn and mashed potatoes, with a single sad white roll? that shit’s so familiar i might as well be high-fiving it at a family reunion. our school lunches have been garbage for decades, ever since we let corporations enter the business of feeding schoolchildren on contract, when school lunches stopped being cooked at school and started being cooked in factories and freezer-bagged and microwaved on site. this shitty situation can’t be dropped entirely in michelle obama’s lap: she didn’t start sysco or aramark or maramont or any of the giant food conglomerates that serve up deep fried frozen faux food by the truckload into america’s schools, at a profit. why don’t we hold accountable giant corporations and industry lobbyists- like, i shit you not, the national potato council- who have fought against improving school lunch standards for decades?

michelle obama’s fighting an uphill battle because let’s face it, school districts across the nation are suffering and hemorrhaging money, and school lunches have always been a target of cutbacks. rather than spending money on healthy foods to cut calories and maximize nutrients- re the obama guidelines- schools just cut corners and serve less. their shitty substandard implementation of the guidelines does not mean that the concept of bringing healthier food into public schools is a failed one. 

and if you want to change school lunches, instead of complaining to michelle obama on twitter, you can support the local efforts of students, parents and teachers to improve their lunches, like the campaign going on in philadelphia right now. these schoolkids have organized to try and end the contract with their shitty corporate meal provider, and gather support for meals cooked in-school with better ingredients. i guarantee there are fights like this going on in more places than philly, and they could use your help.

saintthecla thank you!!