"Know more today about the world than you knew yesterday, and lessen the suffering of others."

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I just made the most inhuman noise


oh my god


Thank you Bathtub Barracuda.


my chopsticks know i’m white





Real talk, this animal (the Ordovician Helmet crab, aka the Horseshoe crab, aka the Atlantic’s most at-risk shelled animal) is of a species that is close to 450 million years old. They are considered endangered, and often wash up on the shores of Long Island (this big lady crab was at TR park in Oyster Bay)

Note: these animals are often used to extract their blue blood and cure diseases. They help the ocean out big time. And they are one of the longest-surviving species on the planet. They’re washing up and people don’t think to/are scared to save them because of their deceivingly harmless barbs. 

Take note, friends. Their barbs are NOT stingers. They cannot hurt you. Their pinchers aren’t pinchers, they’re just little legs that are actually really soft! The barb tail they have is actually what they use to stick into the ocean floor or the sand when waves knock them over or they flip onto their backs by accident. And you can help them out by flipping them back over very quickly and helping them scuttle back into the water if you see them struggling. 

This is way important. Just call me the Sarah McLachlan of horseshoe crabs.

I used to see these cuties all the time whenever my dad took us out fishing. I didn’t realize they were endangered!

Help a lil creature


my mom has been a self-employed seamstress for the past 20 years or so and is currently in the running for a $150,000 grant from chase to expand her business— her plans in cute mom terms are to, “make apprenticeship trendy again” as well as cultivate a stronger…


Exposing your child to pornography is child abuse, end of story.

A couple reminders for everybody headed back to school


• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• you are fabulous
• they’re probably not even paying attention when you give a presentation
• one friend is better than no friends
• eat a healthy lunch
• take care of yourself
• please stay safe
• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• I love you


Fallon Fox: Why Hormones Don’t Make a Woman


September 18, 2014

On Saturday September 13, in a “cage” in the Springfield, Illinois Convention Center, a crowd gathered to watch something that happens thousands of times a day worldwide: a man battered a…


jesus christ


Earrings by IG beader kiiwiikine (Diné)

When my husband [Carl Sagan] died, because he was so famous and known for not being a believer, many people would come up to me — it still sometimes happens — and ask me if Carl changed at the end and converted to a belief in an afterlife. They also frequently ask me if I think I will see him again.

Carl faced his death with unflagging courage and never sought refuge in illusions. The tragedy was that we knew we would never see each other again. I don’t ever expect to be reunited with Carl. But, the great thing is that when we were together, for nearly twenty years, we lived with a vivid appreciation of how brief and precious life is. We never trivialized the meaning of death by pretending it was anything other than a final parting. Every single moment that we were alive and we were together was miraculous — not miraculous in the sense of inexplicable or supernatural. We knew we were beneficiaries of chance… That pure chance could be so generous and so kind… That we could find each other, as Carl wrote so beautifully in Cosmos, you know, in the vastness of space and the immensity of time… That we could be together for twenty years. That is something which sustains me and it’s much more meaningful.

The way he treated me and the way I treated him, the way we took care of each other and our family, while he lived. That is so much more important than the idea I will see him someday. I don’t think I’ll ever see Carl again. But I saw him. We saw each other. We found each other in the cosmos, and that was wonderful.

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SO some more boring tumblr methods posting:

  • nextyearsgirl is a really notorious twerfy-type blogger and awful person. first point: you shouldn’t be following her, period, or reblogging her, you should try to remember her url and avoid posts that come from her, easy.
  • it’s scary to know that we…

In which a post about being irritated to see misogyny defined as “the hatred of femininity and feminine attributes” is suddenly about trans women because they say so (sure, it’s ME who’s obsessed though) and also I’m 35.

"these people do this on purpose."